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                           Thanks for visiting CDR Productions  Entertainment!
          We know that after you find out more about our DJ Services,  located in Lima,Ohio, you won’t need to look any further.  But, here are just a few reasons why we are your best choice  for your Wedding Reception or Private Party.   
 It Starts with the Sound:
Every venue is different. Some are shaped like the letter “L”, a few have fifty foot ceilings and others can be as long as a football field. Each venue has it's own particular needs and requires true professional DJs to make sure the sound will be clear everywhere. No matter the venue, CDR Productions Entertainment has the ability to cover all with various sound packages. For example; we can have as many as eight, fifteen-inch sub woofers and horns carrying the sounds all throughout the venue so no one misses a beat.

Many venues do not require that much sound, but we definitely have the ability to choose the right amount of boom for your event. We have a variety of amplifiers from Crown and Ashley, speakers ranging from Yamaha, EV, and B-52’s along with Numark mixers as well as Denon CD Players. 

We know it is important for everyone to hear the speech, the toast, and your important message, that's why CDR Productions Entertainment also has cordless microphones. You won't have to walk down to the DJ table each time to address the crowd. 

With our vast array of equipment we have several lighting packages available, some of the lights we use are pin lights, lasers, multicolored lights, and a disco ball. We also offer a Fog Machine.
 With several sound and lighting packages, we'll work to satisfy your needs and meet your budget. 
And the Music Selection:   
  CDR Productions Entertainment has a song collection over 100,000!
Don’t see a song you like?  We can find it and make sure your wedding reception has the perfect tunes to make that special night even more unforgettable. 
 CDR Productions Entertainment takes pride in providing quality entertainment for all occasions from start to finish. We are confident that we can bring that special touch to your special day! This is one of the most important days of your life and your choice of a music provider is crucial to the success of your function.

     We have provided some of the reasons why our customers have chosen us in the past:

  • This is our job, what we do best!
  • We meet with you to discuss what you want and don’t want to hear.
  • We get to know each other and your personality.
  • Our functions are always fun! You have a great time and we enjoy what we do.
  • Excellence in customer service. We return calls, we arrive on time, we set up well ahead of time, we do what we commit to.
  • We are insured.
Even if you haven’t heard of us:    
   With over 40 years combined DJ experience, you can be sure that your wedding reception or private party will be hosted by someone who knows how to keep a good time going, not just someone who knows how to hit “next” on the iPod.   
Our Songs are Kid & Family Friendly:    
There’s nothing worse than when a wedding reception or private party is ruined by “unedited” song lyrics. We take care to make sure that each and every one of our songs can be enjoyed by all ages.   
Our Songs Play Smoothly:    
  Have you ever been at a wedding reception or a private party, and the music sounds like it’s coming from a jukebox?  Or worse yet, the music skips?!  With all of our  experience, as well as experience playing in clubs throughout Northwest Ohio area and beyond, we make sure the songs are played smoothly and without interruption. Unless your cousin who’s had a few too many wants to make that dreaded “impromptu” speech .   
We look forward to working for you!  

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